Special freight transport

Special freight transport

Our experience, the best guarantee

Transporting special materials such as metal structures, machinery or building supplies can be difficult if you do not have the right supplier. At Cotransa our main objective has always been to exceed the expectations of our customers, offering a comprehensive freight service that meets their needs.

The company’s extensive experience in the sector has enabled it to become one of the leaders in the freight forwarding market.
Cotransa has an Industrial Projects and Special Freight Department for unconventional cargo.


What does our special transport service consist of?

  • Solutions for any type of goods/transport.
  • Complete integrated logistics solutions especially for “turnkey projects”.
  • Options for any product/goods need.
  • Special freight that, due to its measurements/weight, cannot be loaded into a conventional truck/container and requires special equipment.
  • Maritime and air traffic involving complete or partial special charters.
  • XTRADE operations for running projects from anywhere in the world.
  • Transport of goods that require special attention, such as fragile goods, dangerous goods (ADR/IMO), etc.
  • Use of specially equipped ships, conventional ships with their own cranes, RO/RO, ships used to transport large packages and heavy goods, etc.
  • Obtaining of permits for special freight and route studies.
  • Industrial packaging and suitable and secure warehouses.
  • Freight insurance and controls. Verifications by experts appointed by the insurance companies.

If you need a trustworthy company to manage the transporting of your special goods, please contact our Sales Department through our contact form or by telephone on +34 91 746 06 80. Our customers, including OHL, Air Liquide, Técnicas reunidas and Ferrovial, have already done so.