Maritime freight transport

Maritime freight transport

The most used means in international transport

According to the latest studies received, last year was another record year in terms of the number of tons transported by sea.

Maritime freight transport, involving both imports and exports, is the mode of transport used most for international trade. It supports the greatest movement of freight, as can be seen from the figure of more than 2 billion tons transported last year.

COTRANSA, through its strategically located offices, has highly qualified staff capable of efficiently providing solutions; generating great brand value for the Spanish business sector thanks to its excellent management capabilities.
We advise our customers so that they can find the safest, cheapest and most suitable maritime freight transport service for both imports and exports.

Maritime freight transport

Cotransa Advantages in Maritime Transport

  • Coverage at all Spanish ports through our offices
  • Customs warehouse at the main ports.
  • Import, export and cross-trade maritime transport
  • Full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL)
  • Prime exporting services, highlighting the maritime freight transport service to Turkey, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba and Israel.
  • Prime importing services, highlighting the maritime freight transport service from Turkey, Vietnam, the Far East, Southeast Asia and India.
Volume of goods transported

Main Spanish ports

Spain is one of the strategic points for maritime freight transport. Its privileged location places it in the spotlight of any company, with the Mediterranean ports accounting for 68% of traffic in maritime freight transport.

The Port of Algeciras is in first place with over 100 million tons transported, followed by the Port of Valencia in second and Barcelona in third.
On the Atlantic side, the Port of Bilbao is worth mentioning with 35.4 million tons transported and Cotransa also has a sales office there.

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