Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and Distribution

Fundamental piece in the consumption chain

Logistics and distribution ensure that a product or service arrives at the correct destination on time. Distribution is one of the stages in the supply chain and its focus on logistics is aimed at identifying the best way to ensure that the product is where the customer needs it to be. In short, it is a fundamental piece in the consumption chain.

At Cotransa we have extensive experience in the fields of logistics and distribution in all modes of transport and our employees are our main asset.

In addition to our associates, we have customs warehouses (logistics hub) strategically located in the Madrid-Barajas Air Freight Center for transportation and distribution. We provide our customers with logistics solutions in Spain and in any other destination around the world, making us the best option for outsourcing logistics and distribution.

At Cotransa we are constantly working on innovation and continuously improving to adapt to each customer’s specific needs.


Our commitment

  • To allocate the appropriate resources to meet the needs in the product distribution phase, as there is more than one distribution model.
  • To provide efficient information channels that can be accessed by those responsible for the different tasks in the distribution process.
  • To offer all our resources to meet your needs or resolve any problems that may arise.
Logistics and Distribution

Cotransa Advantages

  • Customs warehouse at Madrid Barajas airport.
  • Warehouses at the main ports.
  • Loading and unloading of containers.
  • Handling.
  • Preparation of orders.
  • Customized labeling.

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