Hotel Logistics

Main objective

Efficient logistics management

Efficiency in logistics management has become one of the main objectives of the different hotel chains.

With our division specialized in hotel logistics, we are pleased to offer logistics and transport solutions for new hotel constructions, new hotel openings, hotel renovations and hotel supplies.

We provide comprehensive advice throughout the chain, including hotel logistics, transport and customs at origin or final destination, thanks to our network of agents present in 116 countries, complying with the most demanding quality and service standards required by the hotel supply chain.

Some of the destinations where we currently operate include Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cape Verde, Maldives, Madeira, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, North Africa and Turkey.

We handle all goods that could be required by a hotel project: decor, furniture, textiles, lighting, building materials, etc.


Hotel logistics

  • Comprehensive logistics management of projects and oversized cargo
  • Turnkey projects
  • Triangular operations
  • Cargo consolidation from origin service
  • Control in the receipt of goods from different suppliers
  • Preparation of orders
  • Maritime and air transport solutions from origin to the hotel/project.
  • Prior technical customs advice on the goods at origin and in accordance with the current customs legislation at the destination
  • Storage and deconsolidation at destination
  • Technical advice on delivery times
  • Specific advice according to the project

If you are looking for a trusted partner to solve your hotel logistics needs, do not hesitate to contact Cotransa, our agents will offer you a customized service and unbeatable assistance.